Ways to make your garden beautiful at night

We love to treat our garden with the utmost care so that they may look beautiful in front of our guests, visitors and neighbours. However, this beauty disappears at night. Here are 5 ways to make your garden look beautiful at night:

  1. White flowers: When you select plants for your garden, try to choose plants with large white flowers. White flowers are not only visible at night, but they also make your garden look magical under the moonlight. So sometimes when you want to relax, you can turn off the garden lights, sit down under the moonlight, and gaze at the beauty of the white flowers under the starry sky at night.
  2. Add a fountain: A fountain is not just about the sight of the water dancing gracefully, it is also about the sound of water splashing on each other. If you are lucky enough to have the fountain placed near your bedroom window, you can listen to the soothing sounds of water splashing while you go to sleep.
  3. Tent: Placing a colourful tent in your garden is the most exciting decoration, especially for children. It gives a chance to children to enjoy themselves safely in the garden at night.

Lighting: A garden will never look good at night without proper lighting. Here are a few suggestions to light up your garden at night.

  1. LED Lights: If you are looking for something soft and sober for your garden, then LED lights are perfect for you. Place them on the fountain, under flower pots, or wherever you think they will look the best to give your garden a modern night look.
  2. Fairy lights: As the name suggests, fairy lights make your garden look like a fairy tale. When placed on little bushes and trees, they look like little clusters of fairies sitting together!

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