5 reasons why you should hire a licensed electrician

When it comes to electrical jobs around the house, you may want to ‘do it yourself’ because you are unaware of the dangerous consequences it may lead to. Cypress Electrical Services can provide you with a licensed and professional electrician for carrying out all your domestic and electrical work. Here are 5 things to convince you why you should hire a licensed and professional electrician for carrying out electrical works in your home or office:

  1. Expensive damage: People tend to carry out their own electrical work in order to save money, not realising that they are actually risking a larger amount of money. This may cause short circuits and damages to your expensive items like your fridge, TV etc.
  2. Serious injury or death: A licensed electrician knows things that you don’t. When you approach an electrical repair without proper knowledge, it can cause major accidents, and even death. Do not risk your life just to save a couple of bucks.
  3. Void insurance: An electric repair gets costly when you end up damaging your equipment, but it gets even more expensive because doing so voids your insurance.
  4. Illegal: Unlicensed electrical work is illegal and can cost penalties of up to $40,000 for individuals. A breach that exposes an individual to a risk of death or serious injury or illness attracts a maximum penalty of $600,000 for an individual ($3,000,000 for a corporation) or five years imprisonment.
  5. Safety in the long-term:Having your electrical work done by a licensed electrician guarantees safety in the long term. It gives you a peace of mind, making sure that your house will be free from any risk.

Working with electricity can be dangerous if not approached with the right expertise and caution. If you find yourself uncertain, don’t hesitate to hire Cypress Electrical Services for repair, maintenance and any other domestic or commercial electrical needs on the Gold Coast.

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