Cypress Electrician is here to help you with all your air conditioning needs, whether it be in the family home or the work place. If you need Gold Coast aircon installation services; trust that the professionals at Cypress have the expertise to keep your electrical appliances running seamlessly all year round. With over 20 years of industry experience on the Gold Coast, you’ll only need to call us once and everything will flow perfectly after that. 

Cypress electrical can now install your split system air conditioning and conducted systems up to 18 kilowatt.

Looking to be cool and comfortable in summer and warm and toasty in winter? Have you considered aircon installation but are unsure about the cost? We are here to help! With new inverter technology, air conditioners have never been so energy efficient, quiet and cost effective. Why not inquire today?


We guarantee a professional and affordable experience. One of friendly team members can come out to your home or office to measure and calculate your specific needs and help you decide what’s the best aircon installation the Gold Coast has available. As always we can give you an obligation free quote prices of equipment an indoor head unit and an outdoor condenser unit connected by pipes containing refrigerant gas. The indoor unit mounts high on the wall in the room you wanted to cool. And the condenser unit mounts outside on the ground or wall mounted bracket. So these systems can provide you with cool or warm air that keeps you comfortable throughout the whole year. Additionally they are extremely reliable, very cost effective and energy efficient.

Another option for consideration is ducted units that are exceptionally discreet and can heat or cool your entire home or office. Also it is easy to control the temperature of the whole house/office or multiple rooms by using a single ducted system. This leaves the rooms that aren’t in use shut off to help cut down on energy consumption. We can install this unit safely in your roof space and connects to an outside unit. The LCD control, offering quiet and seamless integration into your home or office, can operate them.

Whatever choice you decide is best for you, family or workplace we can help you. With your best interest at heart we will always try to accommodate and help you find the right brand and system to suite your specific needs.

Our qualified and experienced team members can install these systems relatively easily and quickly to your home or office. So why not call now for free quote!

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