How to prevent your infant from playing with wires and switches

Risky objects around the house such as wires and switches are things that attract infants the most. The more you try to make your child stay away, the more will he fiddle with the switches and power points. This makes your child susceptible to electric shocks and injury. It gets very difficult to constantly keep an eye on an infant when you have to do your chores, which is why we have these tips and suggestions that might help to prevent your child from playing with switches even when you are not around:

  1. Make a switch toy: With the help of glue, cardboard and paint, you can make something that looks exactly like a switch and power point. Follow these steps:
  • Cut the board into a the shape of your switch board.
  • Cut three slits into the board to imitate the slits on the power point.
  • Cut a switch shape and fix it on the switch board.
  • Now fix it on the wall where you would like your child to stay.

This way, your child will think he is playing with a switch board and you know that he is safe.

  1. Electrical outlet caps: The cheapest way to prevent your child sticking objects in electrical outlets is to buy child-proof electrical outlet caps. These covers are entirely made of plastic and plug directly into your electrical The exposed front is entirely flat, making it difficult for your child to grip, so your baby can’t poke anything inside. However, once you use the sockets for your needs, make sure you don’t forget to put back the caps once you’re done.
  2. Electrical outlet covers: Electrical outlet covers, also known as safe plates, are an additional cover that sits on top of your existing outlet. Simply remove your old outlet cover and replace it with a baby safe one. The outlet itself has a spring loaded plastic cover that prevents your child from poking anything inside of the outlet.
  3. Cords: Shorten long cords that are attached to appliances and secure the cords that run along the ground so that your child doesn’t trip over.

Following the above suggestions will help to keep the baby safe from any type of mishap. If you are living on the Gold Coast, call Cypress Electrical Services for residential or commercial electrical needs, strata electrician or emergency electrician.

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