How to treat an electric shock

Accidents may happen anytime. As important it may be for you to know about safety and teach safety measures to children, it is equally important to be aware of what you have to do in case you come across a victim of an electric shock. Here are some things that would keep you prepared:

  1. Secure the environment: When we see a person in danger, our first impulse might be to rush and save that person. But if he is still in touch with the source of electricity, you will end up injuring yourself too. The first thing you should do is to quickly find the main source of electricity and turn it off.
  2. Call emergency services: Call 000 as soon as possible. Keep calm and try to explain your situation calmly and clearly. Emergency services will need accurate and clear information so that they can reach the spot on time with proper equipment.
  3. Separate the victim from the source: Don’t touch the victim if the electricity hasn’t been shut off. Use a non-conducting tool made of wood, rubber etc. to separate the victim from the source of electricity.
  4. Assist the victim: Check if the victim is breathing. Call the emergency services again if needed so that they may prioritise your situation. If the victim is breathing then place her in a recovery position by following these steps:
  • Place the arm nearest to you at a right angle with her body.
  • Place the other hand under the side of her head. The back of the hand should touch the cheek.
  • Bend the farthest knee at a right angle.
  • Roll the victim on the side. The top arm will support the head.
  • Lift the chin of the victim and check the airway.
  • Stay with the victim and monitor her breathing. Don’t move the victim, as this can cause further injury.
  1. Check the body: Check the victim’s body for burns and wounds and treat them. Remember to treat the burns with extra precaution, and control any bleeding.

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